Kunde: GE Healthcare
Ort: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore | Datum: Oktober 2018
Besucher: 700

GE Healthcare never stops looking for ways to innovate. Both from the creation of ultrasound solutions to innovative ways of presentation of their products, they aspire to enhance the relationship between clinical partners and patients. Working tirelessly to break ground in innovation GE Healthcare stays on the path to ensure a healthier future for women.

The GE Healthcare presented their ultrasound device series “Voluson” at the Marina Bay Centre during the ISUOG Conference in Singapore. We are proud we had an opportunity to create a next-level entertainment and event management for an innovative client like GE Healthcare.

During the conference, members of the exclusive Voluson Club had an opportunity to learn about new products, network and share ideas, both at the GE booth and at the exclusive Voluson Club Lounge.

Pre-Congress Setup via Wristbanditz Event Cloud 

Invitation Management | Guest Management | Fully customized NFC-enabled wristbands

An invitation was sent to the Voluson Lounge and Customer Dinner via Wristbanditz Event Cloud. Guest registered via an event-microsite in GE Healthcare corporate design. Those attendees that pre-register received their wristband prior to the conference.

Event Cloud Functionalities & Interaction with the Bracelets During the Congress

Guest Accreditation | Lead Generation | Attendee Infotainment | Event Experience & Entertainment

Accreditation stations were set up at booth and Voluson Lounge. Invited club members were identified and equipped with a wristband. Each product station was equipped with a lead generation device. The salesperson could scan attendee’s wristband to record them into the database. Also, they could take a note about each lead. After the event, the client received analytics and lead generation report. Attendees received an email with product information whenever their wristband was scanned by a salesperson. Download and Experience Stations were set up at the Voluson Club Lounge. Attendees could download white papers on 6 scientific topics. An attendee could send the information directly to his or her e-mail by scanning their wristband on a tablet with a user-friendly designed app. Attendees could also try an AI quiz on one of the interactive screens.

Separate Evening Event Access

Everyone loves to feel special. GE Healthcare invited some of the Voluson Club members to their exclusive dinner. Wristbanditz Event Cloud managed the complex system of guest profiles so only invited guests could enter the venue. Once the guests arrived, they were checked-in via their NFC wristband.

Event Analysis During and After the Event

Real-time analysis of the checked-in guests during the 4-day conference
List of accredited guests divided into groups
Information about experience station downloads
List of the product leads and notes
Complete analysis of sent emails with open and click rates

GE Healtcare Stories
GE Healthcare Conference Booth

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