Client: DreamHack Inc
Location: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta | Date: November 2018
Guests: 1000

DreamHack, the world’s largest digital festival hosts a series of events around the world with one of them being in Atlanta, USA.DreamHack Atlanta is about eSports, championships, live music, streaming and freeplay zones. Wristbanditz number one goal for DreamHack Atlanta, was to make sure that personalised access permissions for DreamHack personnel and accredited suppliers were managed via NFC wearables and the Wristbanditz Eventcloud software.

Around 1000 organization personnel were provided with an NFC wristband to access various backstage areas at the festival. All wristbands had a single secure one-way sliding lock for easy application and featured a custom design reflecting the Corporate Identity of the event.

Guestlists and permissions for each area were set up on a group basis in the Wristbanditz Eventcloud software. All staff was accredited and given personalized access permissions based on their category during the festival. The analytics of the Eventcloud software allowed organizers to monitor accredited guests and their check-ins to all areas in real time. The Wristbanditz Eventcloud helped organizers to analyze lows and peeks of each area and consequently optimize a number of their personnel.

Event Cloud Functionalities & NFC interaction During the Festival

Accreditation management (including individualized access permissions)
Fully customized access control
Backstage staff security check via mobile NFC scanners
Secure lock wristbands

Event Analysis During & After the Event

Live count and real-time analysis of the lows & peaks during the festival

DreamHack Atlanta Stage

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