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Client: Erste Bank Group AG
Diversity & Inclusion | Erste Women’s Hub
Location: Vienna | Date: 2017

Erste Group considers diversity and inclusion as a vital part of its business strategy and a key for attracting the best and brightest talents. Consequently, they are able to offer the right products and services to a diverse client base.

In 2014, Erste Group launched a group-wide women’s network – the „Erste Women’s Hub“. They host events and impulse talks around interesting topics and provide a foundation for various further activities. The hub constitutes a group-wide platform for networking among women with the aim of strengthening and supporting their development, careers, and relationships.

Wristbanditz Solution

The Erste Bank uses personalized wearables as giveaways at events. The wristbands highlight the connection to their cause. Also, they function as charming keepsakes and brand building tools.

Erste Bank Armbänder mit druck
Erste Bank Veranstaltung
Erste Bank Veranstaltung Armbänder

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