Client: Bauer Spirits / Jägermeister
Location: Palais Schönburg, Vienna | Date: September 2016
Guests: 400

In 2016, Jägermeister started a new series of events for its loyal community and influencers of the cult brand. What is so special about the party labeled Jagdhütte56? The event location remained a secret until the last minute. The series was kicked off by the launch of a new bottle design for the liquor that consists of a secret concoction of 56 herbs. The party was extraordinary and featured Jägermeister cocktails, food trucks, live bands, DJs, an NFC photo box and a hashtag printer.

Wristbanditz Solution

Personalized invitation management and online registration
Guest check-in via NFC wristbands including vouchers for food and beverages
Hashtag printer and NFC photo box
Analysis of the attendees and their voucher consumption

Jaegermeister Event
Jaegermeister Event

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