Client: NXP Semiconductors
Location: Santa Clara, CA | Date: June 2018
Guests: 2000

NXP Connects is a yearly conference on major innovations in IoT, self-driving cars as well as smart home technology. The organizers decided to use wearable technology from Wristbanditz to intensify attendees’ experience.

Wristbanditz equipped 40 exhibitor booths with mobile NFC readers. Like that, exhibitors could collect their leads with a single tap on the attendee’s wristband. Exhibitors could also add their notes for each attendee. All information has been shared with the exhibitors, allowing them to start the aftersales process right away.

Attendees could accessed workshops with the NFC wristbands. Furthermore, they could also tap their wristband on the event multimedia screens to see their personal schedule or to find the workshop rooms. Consequently, Wristbanditz event software allowed organizers to track attendance and analyze which topics were the most interesting for their visitors.

Wristbanditz Solution | Event Cloud

Individualized access permissions with NFC wristbands
Guest check-in of the exhibitors via NFC wristbands
NFC lead generation tool
NFC-powered terminals for checking schedules and finding rooms
Analysis and reporting of check-ins and access activities
Live-count, analysis and evaluation after the event

NXP Connects Conference
Customized NFC Wristbands

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