Client: Gemeente Nijmegen
Location: Arnhem & Nijmegen, Netherlands | Date: June 2017
Visitors: 1.500

Velo-City is a series of conferences organized by the ECF (European Cyclist’s Federation). It is the leading international conference on cycling and city planning. Engineers, planners, architects, environmental activists, influencers, representatives from universities and cities join together for three days to discuss and elaborate on transnational partnerships.

The conference took place in 2 neighboring cities (Nijmegen and Arnhem which are 10km apart). During the conference, participants had a possibility to easily reach all workshops, offsite activities, and excursions via bicycle.

The Velo-City offered the possibility to buy workshops in modules through an online ticket shop. An NFC wristband served not only as a conference pass but also as a tool for delegates to rent a bike. Also, the bicycles were equipped with NFC readers, so that attendees can verify their ID easily by scanning their NFC wristband. Likewise, the organizers were able to check in attendees into these workshops via mobile NFC scanners.

Wristbanditz Solution

Interface to an existing online ticket shop
Accreditation management of the conference
Guest check-in via NFC wristbands
Verification of access to various workshops and lectures
Link-up to Nextbike’s database
Evaluation, analysis, and live-count of the conference participants

NFC Scanner
NFC Armbänder
NFC Armbänder
NFC Akkreditierung
NFC Akkreditierung
NFC Akkreditierung
NFC Akkreditierung

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