Vienna Awards

Client: Vienna Awards | Glam Communications GmbH
Location: Vienna, AT | Date: September 2018

The Vienna Awards are Austria’s most elegant gala for Fashion & Lifestyle. International celebrities in the fashion industry such as Karolina Kurkova, Bar Refaeli, Kiera Chaplin, Tatjana Patitz, and others visit the gala each year.

As one might expect, organizing a fashion gala is a highly precise operation. There are many elements to consider from a carefully chosen theme, seating arrangements to stylish gala wristbands.

With this in mind, Wristbanditz created gold and turquoise bracelets, engraved with an encouraging message ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Wristbanditz Solution

Special edition of gold and turquoise wristbands

Personalized Event Wristbands
Vienna Awards Gala
Vienna Awards Gala

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