Client: VC Artevents
Location: Marx Halle Vienna | Date: September 2016
Visitors: 28.000

viennacontemporary 2016 closes with 28,316 visitors. “Vienna is finally at the center of attention of the international art scene. We have never received so much positive resonance from our international guests and domestic art collectors as we did this year. Not just viennacontemporary in the Marx Halle but also the many cooperations with the city’s art institutions initiated through our activities reflect that we correctly identified the potential in the Viennese art scene and have made a substantial contribution to it,” says Dmitry Yu Aksenov, board chairman of viennacontemporary, about the successful conclusion of Vienna’s contemporary art fair on Sunday, 25 September 2016.

Wristbanditz Solution

Online Ticketshop
On-site accreditation management
Guest check-in via contactless cards
Access control with various permission levels
Evaluation and live-count of the attendees

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