Less bling, more design

There are one million ways to design a wristband. We opted for timeless design and reduced shapes with plenty of space to feature your values. Finally, there is one more secret ingredient, but you probably already guessed ♥ what that is.

Three wristbands with messages in different sizes and colors


Finding your message is part of the journey. We like to start this process with asking this simple question: Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
Metallic silver and pink wristbands with the message #glaubandich


Understanding materials and production is part of the deal for us. Our products are made of long-lasting imitation leather qualities in Europe and Austria.
Silver metallic wristbands with the message Je suis comme je suis on flowers


It requires a certain kind of stubbornness to constantly question the status quo. We are eager to find new trails and think it’s worth to go the extra mile for you.